Meet the Board


Misty Russ
Misty lives in Clemmons, NC, with her husband Rhett and their three children, ages 6-13.  A veteran homeschool mom and a former director of Classical Conversations of Winston-Salem, she has a passion for classical-style learning and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Classical Education.  As her family dynamics changed over the years, she became interested in the University-Model® schools and began to research the possibilities of establishing a school in her area.  After much prayer, the Lord connected her with other interested founding families, and the vision for Cathedral Oak Academy began to take shape.  Misty has a BS in Biology, a certificate in Computer Science, and three years of graduate work in Bioinformatics.

Lora Geer
Lora and her husband Andy live on a family farm near Winston-Salem, NC, where they have homeschooled their five children, ages 3-19.  Lora has worked extensively in women’s ministry and the pro-life movement.  She directed and helped to found Maplewood Women’s Center (one of nation’s first crisis pregnancy centers in the same building as abortion provider),  where she trained and oversaw counselors, raised support and interest, and provided education and counseling to clients.  With her oldest successfully graduated and off to college, Lora has felt led to focus her energy on helping establish Cathedral Oak Academy as an option for the families in her community.  Lora has a BA in English and Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Masters in Theology with a concentration in counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  She is currently pursuing certification in Spiritual Formation from The Transforming Center.

 Cathy Collins
Cathy and her husband Kerry are parents of three children, ages 10-17.  A physical therapist, Cathy has spent many years homeschooling her children and volunteering in various capacities, both in church and in the local homeschool community.  Cathy has the heart of a servant — when she heard of the plans to establish a new school community in her area, she volunteered to serve on the founding team.  Cathy holds a BS in Biology and Business Administration and an MS in Physical Therapy.

 Kristen Carmitchel
Kristen and her husband Jason live in Lewisville, NC, with their four children, ages 14-21.   A long-time English teacher, Kristen has worked in a variety of educational settings, including community colleges, private schools (two of them University-Model®) and homeschool co-ops.  With experience as both a teacher and a parent in the University-Model® system, Kristen understands the benefits of this educational design and has been a proponent of the model for several years.  Shortly after moving to the Winston-Salem area, Kristen met Misty Russ and heard the vision of establishing a new school, and she’s been on board ever since.  Kristen holds a BA in English with a minor in Communication Arts.